June 29, 2021 Hearing



1.            AB 371  Jones-Sawyer    Shared mobility devices: insurance and tracking.



2.            AB 1033             Bauer-Kahan      California Family Rights Act: parent-in-law: small employer family leave mediation: pilot program.

3.            AB 674                Bennett               Dependent children: documents.

4.            AB 818             Bloom   Solid waste: premoistened nonwoven disposable wipes.

5.            AB 788  Calderon              Juveniles: reunification.

6.            AB 901  Calderon              Rental passenger vehicle transactions.

7.            AB 746  Cervantes           Adoption: stepparent adoption.

8.            AB 473                Chau      California Public Records Act.

9.            AB 474                Chau      California Public Records Act: conforming revisions.

10.          AB 1436                Chau      Information privacy: digital health feedback systems.

11.          ACR 24               Chau      California Law Revision Commission: studies.

12.          AB 663             Chen     Corporations: electronic transmissions: bylaws: emergency powers.

13.          AB 245  Chiu       Educational equity: student records: name and gender changes.

14.          AB 1574             Jobs, Economic Development, and the Economy Public contracts: small business liaisons and advocates and disabled veteran business enterprises: preferences.

15.          AB 1577             Judiciary               Commission on Judicial Performance. (Urgency)

16.          AB 938                Davies   Maintenance of the codes.

17.          AB 358             Flora      Monitored electrified security fences: permitted use.

18.          AB 488  Irwin      Charitable organizations: charitable fundraising platforms and platform charities.

19.          AB 1101                Irwin      Common interest developments: funds: insurance.

20.          AB 1347             Jones-Sawyer    Bail: premiums.

21.          AB 789                Low        Health care services.

22.          AB 1475                Low        Law enforcement: social media.

23.          AB 546                Maienschein      Dependent children: documents: housing.

24.          AB 636             Maienschein      Financial abuse of elder or dependent adults.

25.          AB 1349             Mathis  California Advanced Services Fund: Broadband Adoption Account.

26.          AB 1466                McCarty               Real property: discriminatory restrictions.

27.          AB 287                Quirk     Civil actions: statute of limitations.

28.          AB 611                Quirk-Silva          Safe at Home program: homeowners’ associations.

29.          AB 974  Luz Rivas              Equestrian safety.

30.          AB 56     Salas      Benefits: outgoing mail: claim processing: reporting.

31.          AB 12  Seyarto Personal information: social security numbers: the Employment Development Department. (Urgency)

32.          AB 218  Ward     Change of gender and sex identifier.

33.          AB 1455                Wicks    Sexual assault by law enforcement officers: actions against public entities: statute of limitations.

Committee Address