April 20, 2021 Hearing

Agenda - Measures will be heard in file order.

1.            SB 238   Melendez            Discrimination: political affiliation: political belief.

2.            SB 249   Melendez            Educational equity: political affiliation.

3.            SB 660   Newman             Initiative, referendum, and recall petitions: compensation for signatures.

4.            SB 663   Newman             Recall petitions. This bill has been pulled and will not be heard.

5.            SB 380   Eggman               End of life.

6.            SB 76     Nielsen                Excluded employees: binding arbitration.

7.            SB 555   McGuire              Local agencies: transient occupancy taxes: short-term rental facilitator: collection.

8.            SB 591   Becker                 Senior citizens: intergenerational housing developments.

9.            SB 598   Pan                       Sacramento Regional Transit District: employee relations.

10.          SB 642   Kamlager             Health care: facilities: medical privileges.

11.          SB 657   Ochoa Bogh        Employment: electronic documents. (analysis updated 4/16/21 @ 6:30pm)

12.          SB 272   Laird                    State government: gender-neutral terms: California Conservation Corps.

13.          SB 447   Laird                    Civil actions: decedent’s cause of action.

14.          SB 323   Caballero             Local government: water or sewer service: legal actions.

15.          SB 334   Durazo                 Detention facilities: contracts.

16.          SB 338   Gonzalez             Joint and several liability of port drayage motor carrier customers: health and safety violations: prior offenders: liability owed to the state.

17.          SB 505   Hertzberg            Wages: withholdings: written authorizations.

18.          SB 572   Hertzberg            Labor Commissioner: enforcement: lien on real property.

19.          SB 241   Umberg               Civil actions.

Committee Address