Senate Judiciary Committee-Policy on Support and Opposition Letters

The bullet points below outline the Senate Judiciary Committee’s policy regarding support and opposition letters. Please read all bullet points thoroughly.

  • Please note: Our letter deadline is the Tuesday before the hearing at 12pm (unless otherwise stated). Letters received after the deadline may not be reflected in the analysis.

  • For exmaple, if a bill will be heard on Tuesday, March 29, the letter deadline is the Tuesday prior, March 22 at 12 p.m.
  • If you are using the Advocacy Portal, you must submit your letter directly to our Committee. Letters sent only to other Committees through the Advocacy Portal may not be reflected in the analysis.
  • We will accept letters that are addressed to the author’s office and/or other Committees, but they must be specifically submitted to our Committee using one of the approved methods as specified on our Homepage.
  • Only positions in support or opposition of a bill will be listed in an analysis. Positions of conditional support or conditional opposition will not be listed in an analysis. This includes positions of “oppose unless amended” or “support if amended.” However, we will still accept these letters of conditional positions, review the content of the letters for our analyses, and these letters will become part of the Committee’s official bill file.
  • It is the responsibility of the author’s office to ensure that all letters it receives regarding their bill are sent to our Committee directly, through e-mail or the Advocacy Portal.
  • It is the responsibility of the organization/individual to submit an updated position letter to the Committee if their position on a bill changes. In the absence of an updated letter, the Committee will assume that the organization/individual’s position remains unchanged.
  • For letters from multiple organizations (coalition letters), provide the name of each organization signing the letter, as well as a named individual responsible for that organization’s position on the bill in the signature section of the letter. A signature from each individual is not required. If you do not list each specific organization, they may not be reflected in the analysis. Additionally, if you submit more than one letter under a single organization's name to the Advocacy Portal, they will NOT be individually reflected in the analysis. You MUST list each and every organization on the coalition letter individually when submitting letters through the Advocacy Portal. If you do not do this, your letter will look like a duplicate letter submitted under the initial representative/organization name. 
  • Committee staff are not responsible for distributing letters to Committee Members' offices, authors' offices, or other committees. You are encouraged to email or mail your letter to each member individually. Please visit our homepage for a list of the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

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