July 13, 2021 Hearing



1.            AB 1405                Wicks    Debt settlement practices.

2.            SJR 7      Bradford              Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: FBI surveilance tapes.

3.            AB 1100                Aguiar-Curry      Communications service: disasters: reports.

4.            AB 695  Arambula            Elder and dependent adults.

5.            AB 1094                Arambula            Sexual orientation and gender identity data collection pilot project.

6.            AB 1356                Bauer-Kahan      Reproductive health care services.

7.            AB 716  Bennett               Court access.

8.            AB 721  Bloom   Covenants and restrictions: affordable housing.

9.            AB 917  Bloom   Vehicles: video imaging of parking violations.

10.          AB 1007                Carrillo  Forced or Involuntary Sterilization Compensation Program.

11.          AB 13     Chau      Public contracts: automated decision systems.

12.          AB 35     Chau      Social media platforms: false information. (This bill has been pulled.)

13.          AB 1184                Chiu       Medical information: confidentiality.

14.          AB 1584                Housing and Community Development  Housing omnibus.

15.          AB 386  Cooper Public Employees’ Retirement Fund: investments: confidentiality.

16.          AB 1262                Cunningham      Information privacy: other connected device with a voice recognition feature. (This bill has been pulled.)

17.          AB 502  Davies   Common interest developments: election requirements.

18.          AB 1221                Flora      Consumer warranties: service contracts: cancellation: disclosures.

19.          AB 468  Friedman             Emotional support dogs. (This bill has been pulled from the consent calendar.)

20.          AB 1020                Friedman             Health care debt and fair billing.

21.          AB 587  Gabriel Social media companies: terms of service. (This bill has been pulled.)

22.          AB 889  Gipson  Business entities: landlords: reporting requirements.

23.          AB 701  Lorena Gonzalez               Warehouse distribution centers.

24.          AB 105  Holden The Upward Mobility Act of 2021: boards and commissions: civil service: examinations: classifications.

25.          AB 948  Holden Real estate licensees: Bureau of Real Estate Appraisers: disclosures: demographic information: reporting: continuing education.

26.          AB 751  Irwin      Vital records: certified copies: electronic requests.

27.          AB 1331                Irwin      Mental health: Statewide Director of Crisis Services.

28.          AB 323  Kalra      Long-term health facilities.

29.          AB 857  Kalra      Employers: Labor Commissioner: required disclosures.

30.          AB 339  Lee         Local government: open and public meetings.

31.          AB 829  Levine   Foster children: immigration counsel and guardianship.

32.          AB 471  Low        Bureau of Automotive Repair: administration: citations: safety inspections.

33.          AB 1084                Low        Gender neutral retail departments.

34.          AB 1443                McCarty               Mental health: involuntary treatment.

35.          AB 317  Patterson            Foster care.

36.          AJR 16   Reyes    Immigration.

37.          AB 984  Luz Rivas              Vehicle identification and registration: alternative devices.

38.          AB 361  Robert Rivas       Open meetings: local agencies: teleconferences.

39.          AB 1140                Robert Rivas       Foster care: rights.

40.          AB 364  Rodriguez            Foreign labor contractor registration: agricultural workers.

41.          AB 499  Blanca Rubio      Referral source for residential care facilities for the elderly: duties.

42.          AB 1243                Blanca Rubio      Protective orders: elder and dependent adults.

43.          AB 478  Ting        Solid waste: thermoform plastic containers: postconsumer thermoform recycled plastic: commingled rates.

Committee Address