July 6, 2021 Hearing


1.            AB 263  Arambula            Private detention facilities. (Urgency)

2.            AB 1126                Bloom   Commission on the State of Hate.

3.            AB 66     Boerner Horvath              Coastal resources: research: landslides and erosion: early warning system: County of San Diego.

4.            AB 670  Calderon              Child abuse or neglect: minor and nonminor dependent parents.

5.            AB 480  Carrillo  Hazardous materials.

6.            AB 1352                Chau      Independent information security assessments: Military Department: local educational agencies.

7.            AB 640  Cooley  Extended foster care: eligibility redetermination.

8.            AB 781  Daly       Flood control projects: County of Orange: subvention funds.

9.            AB 694  Privacy and Consumer Protection             Privacy and Consumer Protection: omnibus bill.

10.          AB 1487                Gabriel Legal Services Trust Fund Commission: Homelessness Prevention Fund: grants: eviction or displacement.

11.          AB 450  Lorena Gonzalez               Paramedic Disciplinary Review Board.

12.          AB 237  Gray      Public employment: unfair practices: health protection.

13.          AB 293  Kalra      Preneed funeral arrangements: unclaimed property.

14.          AB 1444                Lee         Food delivery platforms.

15.          AB 814  Levine   Personal information: contact tracing.

16.          AB 930  Levine   Subsurface installations: attorney’s fees and costs.

17.          AB 562  Low        Frontline COVID-19 Provider Mental Health Resiliency Act of 2021: health care providers: mental health services. (Urgency)

18.          AB 494  Mayes  Insurance Holding Company System Regulatory Act.

19.          AJR 15   McCarty               World Refugee Day.

20.          AB 511  Muratsuchi         Securities transactions: qualification requirements, exemptions, and liability.

21.          AB 993  Patterson            The parent and child relationship.

22.          AB 873  Ramos  Child welfare services: Indian tribes.

23.          AB 945  Ramos  Pupils: adornments at school graduation ceremonies: task force.

24.          AB 412  Reyes    California Commission on Human Rights.

25.          AB 1138                Blanca Rubio      Unlawful cannabis activity: civil enforcement.

26.          AB 1304                Santiago               Affirmatively further fair housing: housing element: inventory of land.

27.          AB 315  Stone    Voluntary stream restoration property owner liability: indemnification.

28.          AB 424  Stone    Private Student Loan Collections Reform Act: collection actions.

29.          AB 1283                Stone    Resource families: hearings.

30.          AB 1576                Judiciary               Superior court: lactation rooms.

31.          AB 1578                Judiciary               Judiciary omnibus.

32.          AJR 12   Stone    Veterans’ educational benefits.

Committee Address