Informational Hearings 2013-2014


8/5/14 Informational Hearing

Bay Bridge Lessons Learned:  Receipt of Final Reports


5/13/14 Informational Hearing

SB 375:  From Vision to Implementation

  • Agenda — 5/13/14
  • Background Report — 5/13/14
  • Witness Testimony:  Dr. Gian-Claudia Sciara, Postdoctoral Scholar — UC Davis Testimony
  • Witness Presentation:  Carl Morehouse, President — Southern CA Assoc of Governments Handout and Testimony
  • Witness Testimony:  Dr. Stephanie Pincetl, Professor — UCLA Testimony
  • Witness Testimony:  Amanda Eaken, Deputy Director — Natural Resources Defense Council Testimony
  • Witness Testimony:  Richard Lyon, Senior Vice President — California Building Industry Association Testimony
  • The Summary Report from the Informational Hearing  Publication 1570-S
  • To view a videoof the hearing, click here.


3/27/14 Informational Hearing

Toward a World-Class Passenger Rail System in California:  Evaluating High-Speed Rail's Potential for Success

  • Agenda — 3/27/14
  • Background Report — 3/27/14
  • Witness Presentation:  Jeremy Fraysse, Fiscal and Policy Analyst — Legislative Analyst's Office Handout
  • Witness Testimony:  Paul Dyson, President — Rail Passenger Association of California Handout
  • Witness Testimony:  Professor William Ibbs — UC Berkeley Department of Civil Engineering Testimony
  • The Summary Report from the Informational Hearing Publication 1565-S
  • To view a video of the hearing, click here.


2/11/14 Informational Hearing

Reforming Caltrans


1/24/14 Informational Hearing

Lessons Learned from the Development and Construction of the Bay Bridge



11/13/13 Informational Hearing

How to Save the State Billions:  Improving Megaproject Outcomes


5/14/13 Informational Hearing

Caltrans:  The State Auditor's Recent Investigation and a Bay Bridge Update


2/26/13 Joint Informational Hearing

California High-Speed Rail Project: How Should the State Safeguard the Public's Interest?

Senate Transportation and Housing Committee and Senate Budget and Fiscal Review Subcommittee No. 2 on Resources, Environmental Protection, Energy and Transportation


3/19/13 Informational Hearing

AB 32 Implementation:  Light Duty Vehicles and Their Fuels

Committee Address