Related Statutes

Aquaculture Development Committee

Authorizing Statutes

Fish and Game Code 15700-15703

Aquaculture related statutes

California Advisory Committee on Salmon and Steelhead Trout (CAC)

Authorizing Statutes

1971 Assembly Resolution No. 64 - Relative to creating an Advisory Committee on Salmon and Steelhead Trout

1983 Senate Resolution No. 19 - Relative to salmon and steelhead trout fishery

CAC web site - history, supporting documents and annual reports

CAC agendas and minutes

California's Salmon and Steelhead -The Struggle to Restore an Imperiled Resource by A. Lufkin

Dungeness Crab Task Force

Authorizing Statutes

SB 1690 (Wiggins, 2008)

SB 369 (Evans, 2011)

Dungeness Crab Task Force

Dungeness Crab Task Force Charter

Ocean Science Trust

Authorizing Statutes

California Ocean Resources Stewardship Act

Ocean Science Trust web site

Committee Address