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For information on Dungeness and rock crab, domoic acid, disaster relief and the Committee's previous crab hearings with related documents and links

Additional crab related press releases, information and articles with links as of 2-19-2018 (please check for updates)

Latest CDPH domoic acid testing results for Dungeness and rock crab - Dec. 29, 2017 and lobster

NOAA Sea Grant Aquaculture Initiative - grant funding available

Remembering the Salty Lady’s Roger Thomas

A Section of the Commercial Spiny Lobster Fishery Closure around Anacapa Island has been Lifted

Crab health advisory lifted

Dungeness Crab Health Advisory Lifted for Remainder of California Coast 

CDPH Lifts Dungeness Crab Health Advisory in Mendocino and Humboldt Counties

Northern California Commercial Dungeness Crab Season Opener Delayed Again Due to Quality Testing

More than 800 abandoned crab pots retrieved

Why California’s most productive salmon hatchery is millions of fish short

Starfish making comeback after syndrome killed millions

The opening night of crab season on Monterey Bay brings trials, triumph and a whole lot of hustle

Crab prices likely to stay high into holiday week

Dungeness Crab Shortage Having Widespread Holiday Impact

Prices rise as Dungeness crab season delayed on US West Coast

Dungeness crab prices spike due to limited supply

How Aquaculture will Shape the Future of Olympia Oysters at Elkhorn Slough

Northern California commercial crab season delayed a second time

Crab season delayed until at least Dec. 31

California Recreational Abalone Fishery to be Closed in 2018

California’s abalone fishery to be closed next year to protect crashing fishery 

Rebuilding plans pay off for West Coast groundfish fishery - Pacific Ocean Perch Rebuilt

Northern California Commercial Dungeness Crab Season Opener Pushed Back to Dec. 31

Eel River Recovery Project: Salmon run expected to be as large as last year

Scientists Call for Improved Technologies to Save Imperiled California Salmon

Baby endangered California salmon use different rivers than expected, research shows

Can Song-Loving Robots Help Save Whales From Ships?

Environmentalists fear lobster traps off Laguna Beach pose danger to whales along the coastline

Abalone Collapse with Kelp Forests 

No place like home for ‘Moke’ salmon

Recovering marine mammals increase pressure on West Coast salmon 

'It Takes Our Purpose': With No Salmon, Yurok Tribe Struggles With Identity

Higher Than Expected Number Of Chinook Salmon Return To American River

Lagunitas Creek gets odd visitor: pink salmon

Scientists launch major study of microplastics pollution in San Francisco Bay 

Stronger squid landings spur hope for West Coast US ‘wetfish’ sector

It’s a brutal end for these salmon, but it replenishes oceans and feeds families

Our View: Scientific monitoring of Dungeness crab population is more necessary than ever

Commercial Dungeness crab season delay on North Coast

Commercial crab season delayed by scant meat

Crab season delayed

Commercial Dungeness Crab Season in Northern California (Mendocino, Humboldt and Del Norte counties) Delayed Due to Crab Quality Testing - CDFW release

CDFW 2017-11-20 memo that commercial Dungeness crab fishing in the Northern Management Areahas been delayed beyond December 1, 2017 due to poor crab quality

Measures to Boost Salmon Are Working, but Some Fear They Could Backfire

Release of juvenile salmon jump-starts Russian River

The first Dungeness crabs are in, and they’re meaty

Dungeness crab fishing through the years in Sonoma County 

Crabs in high demand in Monterey

Fish-friendly measures steer Central Valley salmon run 

Commercial Dungeness Crab Fishery - Frequently Asked Questions - CDFW 11-16-2017

Dungeness crab season begins in the Bay Area

WDFW delays commercial crab fishery on Washington coast due to low meat content

Oregon Commercial Crab Season Delayed Along Entire Coast

After a string of tough years, Dungeness crab season opens

Explore California’s State Fisheries: New interactive data-visualization tool provides opportunity to explore fisheries data

Vaquita capture plan suspended, but efforts to save species continue

California's Dungeness Crab Fishery Targeted With Petition, Lawsuit for Harming Whales as Season Opens 

On the North Coast, Dungeness crab season under way 

What’s in the sea? Toilets, tires and trolleys might be part of your neighborhood artificial reef 

Fingers crossed there won’t be anything to be crabby about this season

Commercial Dungeness crab season scheduled to start on Nov. 15

Partnership with state-run Nimbus Hatchery helps correct wayward 2017 fall-run Chinook salmon that strayed off course when they returned to spawn

Several hundred tons of squid offloaded in Ventura

A Section of the Commercial Spiny Lobster Fishery Closure around Anacapa Island has been Lifted

CDPH Warns Recreational Anglers to Avoid Consuming the Viscera of Dungeness Crab Caught along Parts of the Northern California Coast

Study Details How Contaminated (WA) Highway Runoff Deadly To Coho, Loss Rates 60 To 90 Percent

Four dams in the West are coming down — a victory wrapped in a defeat for smart water policy

As climate change threatens a California tribe’s ‘Jerusalem and Mecca,’ a model deal could save the day

Paiute Cutthroat Trout Return to Silver King Creek for First Time in 71 Years

Annual NOAA fisheries report shows value up, consumption slightly down from 2015 - NOAA Report

(Recreational) Crab opener Saturday but weather, conditions up in the air

WDFW: Crab still soft, light on meat

SEEKING HELP: Senators ask for funding to help fishing industry         

West Coast, Alaska senators urge disaster aid for multiple fisheries

Pair study effect of acidity, warm water on Dungeness crab

Sport crabbing closed off south coast (Oregon) - domoic acid results

Professor has a message for Congress: Overfishing is over

Sea cucumbers are a boon to a local seafood processor

Commercial Spiny Lobster Fishery Closed at Anacapa Island and the East End of Santa Cruz Island Due to Public Health Hazard

State legislators to meet in Eureka to discuss future of crab, salmon fisheries

Scientists say few spring-run salmon in Feather River likely due to heat, drought

North Coast crab toxin tests mostly clean

Do You Care If Your Fish Dinner Was Raised Humanely? Animal Advocates Say You Should

What dolphin diets reveal about climate change's effects off the California coast

Fish Blood in Their Veins — But Few Salmon in Their River

PG&E Project Blamed for Harming Endangered Fish in NorCal River   

In order to prevent whale entanglements, local crab fishermen team up to find lost crab pots

What Scientists Are Learning About the Impact of an Acidifying Ocean

Klamath River Renewal Corporation Fall 2017 newsletter and upcoming open houses in Klamath Falls, Yreka and Eureka 

Informational meeting on Klamath Dam issue Tuesday in Yreka

Congressman calls for review of mining ban

Oregon, California senators step up pressure on Trump administration to approve salmon emergency cash

Harbor considers charge to store pots

NOAA Fisheries Celebrates National Seafood Month

Nimbus Hatchery Fish Ladder to Open Oct. 9

Wildlife protectors on Butte Creek have a new battle cry: Save the dam

Freeing up Fish: The Effort to Remove Barriers to Spawning Sites

Forum fosters native Southern California oyster restoration

Evolutionary genomics informs salmon conservation

California sued for whale entanglements; crab fishing blamed

State sued over whale deaths in crab fishing gear

Lawsuit Targets California's Dungeness Crab Fishery for Harming Endangered Whales, Sea Turtles

Coleman salmon return may hit record low

California Is Giving Water Back to Native Fish – but How Much?

Sea critters hitchhiked across the Pacific on tsunami debris

Judge Denies Irrigators Special Treatment, Millions in Drought Payments

Basin irrigators lose 'takings' case that dates back to 2001 water shutoff 

Klamath River Extremely Sick, According to Yurok Tribe

Feds won’t oppose Klamath River dam removal, official says

Reclamation official to make third trip to the Basin 

Fishing rule reforms debated on Capitol Hill

Dams seen driving 'mass extinction' of salmon

There’s Something Fishy About These Trees

The wet winter brought lots of water to California. But fighting over fish continues

A US ban on shark fins is a bad idea, say researchers

Oroville fish hatchery sees lowest salmon run in years

No fishery relief funds again in Congress’ $1.2T spending bill

Fishing Industry Concerned About Fall Salmon Season

California Department  of Fish and Wildlife Report to PFMC on Sacramento River Winter-run Chinook 

Drought-ravaged winter-run Chinook salmon hit rock bottom on the Sacramento River

California crabbers use GPS to find whale-killing gear

Coast Seafoods can keep farming shellfish in Humboldt Bay through 2025

Humboldt County public asked to weigh in on fisheries industry future

Port allows fish sales from boats at Fisherman’s Wharf

California’s water wars pit farmers against local fishermen

Warm waters off West Coast has lingering effects for salmon

NOAA Fisheries: Ocean Surveys Show Poor Conditions For Columbia Basin Salmon

Ocean ecosystem indicators of salmon marine survival in the Northern California Current

2017-9-5 California Pacific Sardine Fishery Resource Disaster and Commercial Fishery Failure Request letter from Lt. Governor Newsome

2017-9-5 California Red Sea Urchin Fishery Resource Disaster and Commercial Fishery Failure Request letter from Lt. Governor Newsome

Senator McGuire and Assemblymember Wood Letter to Governor Brown Requesting Fishery Failure Declaration for California Sardine and Sea Urchin Fisheries

Tracking crabs near the mouth of the Columbia River

Biologists Watch Steelhead Return After Historic Dam Removal

Wood in the river? Leave it there, local biologist says

To Restore Salmon, Think Like a Beaver

Farmed abalone emerges as a local, sustainable seafood choice

The Value of a California Salmon

Physically grueling yet critical: snorkel surveys provide valuable information for restoring Chinook salmon, steelhead in Central Valley

A salmon festival portends struggles on the Klamath River

Pelagic survey highlights NOAA's growing collaborative relationship with industry 

States restrict chinook fisheries

Senator McGuire's Salmon Restoration and Protection Resolution passes in the Senate

Zinke: US marine monuments will remain, but fishing rights may be restored 

King salmon becomes a luxury product as catch proves elusive

What causes algal blooms to become toxic?

California storms help salmon by reviving habitat

West Coast Crab Management Bill into Law (tri-state agreement) 

San Diego’s Fishermen Brace for Waterfront Redevelopment

Salmon season flops: Drought years cut North Coast salmon population

Reclamation moves forward on fish passage project in Yolo Bypass

Oroville Dam: Relicensing saga holds up habitat restoration

One Fish, Two Fish - Ancient DNA and new technology help rewrite the life story of spring Chinook

Karuk Tribe seeks to list Klamath River salmon as endangered

New genetic evidence could have major implications in the fight to save spring-run Chinook

Fall Chinook Season Closed on Klamath and Trinity Rivers

Damaged river ecosystems could use a whole lot more dead fish

Salmon returns to festival — but it’s Alaskan

Feather River gets new gravel for spawning salmon

A Trip Down The Feather River Shows Impacts Of Oroville Spillway Failure

A Tiny Fraction of Oceans Could Satisfy The World's Fish Demand

US Senate committee rejects most of Trump's proposed cuts to NOAA 

AquaBounty sells first batch of genetically engineered salmon 

Senate passes bi-partisan bill to protect crab fishing industry

Congress considers millions in West Coast fishery disaster relief funds

Fish or Cut Bait - Trump administration leaves California fishermen waiting for federal relief

Commercial salmon season finally arrives in the Bay Area

Uncertain salmon season launches in Bodega Bay

Short salmon season kicks off

Abbreviated Commercial Salmon Season to Begin Tuesday

Bay Area salmon fishermen frustrated by California regulations, happy to begin 2017 season

Droughts Leave California Fishermen Reeling

As Salmon Season Opens, A Reminder Of Drought's Lasting Effects

Global impacts of trawling quantified in new study 

True Worlds Group fined for selling skate fins in violation of California law 

Coast Seafoods proposes downsizing shellfish operations

Extinction Possible as Salmon Runs Hit Near-Record Lows 

Klamath Salmon hit 2nd lowest recorded population size in 20 years

Trump, House split on proposal to eliminate salmon restoration funding

Americans Need to Know U.S. Fisheries are Sustainable: Former Senior NOAA Official

Water Wars Loom As State Plans to Boost Streamflow for Imperiled Fish

Rescuers will try to free humpback entangled in fishing gear

CDFW Marine Region - 2016 Year in Review

Conservation group sues to uphold whale, turtle protections

Kilmer, Herrera Beutler add funding for fishery disasters to key Appropriations Bill

An upstream battle - Sale of century-old hydroelectric system poses threat to Butte Creek’s salmon

State agency discusses its role in Klamath dam removal decision

Coast Seafoods plans to stay; working on permit extensions

Genetically engineered salmon is coming to America

Scientists struggle to revive Southern California’s white abalone population

Winnemem Wintu Work to Bring Salmon Home From New Zealand

Proposed wind farm off the coast could generate 1,000 megawatts

Coast Seafoods Company gone by August?

North Coast seasonal crab haul above average

California Dungeness crab fleet nets $68 million haul, but small boats continue to struggle

Dungeness crab industry bounces back with strong season

How climate change could threaten the water supply for millions of Californians

A leap in lampreys: Unlovely fish make welcome comeback

Looks are deceiving for 'scary-looking' lamprey

Will they go the way of the buffalo? Vanishing salmon could doom tribes’ culture

Survey for anyone, anywhere affected by the 2015 Harmful Algal Bloom event

Readying California Fisheries for Climate Change - for Full report and Executive Summary

Chinook salmon will become extinct if Californians don’t take these steps

The Eel River could save wild salmon – if we can save the river itself

2017-6-14 Senator McGuire and Assemblymember Wood continue fight for salmon, and fishing fleet

Senate aims for salmon disaster relief

Lawmakers push to alleviate devastating salmon losses

Wood, McGuire introduce resolution urging federal disaster assistance for salmon fleet

Some say Oroville Dam crisis trashed the Feather River. Is the state responsible?

West Coast Senators Add Voices To Request For Salmon Disaster Declaration and 2017-9-6 letter

White sharks rebound in California

Crews recognized for creative engineering to save salmon

Along the North Coast, mixed news about the health of the undersea kelp forest    

(Fisheries) Work will change the way water flows through park

Overfished status predicted for Klamath

Cali Dungeness industry ‘still hurting’ despite improvements

Research paper IDs cause of 2015 toxic algal bloom in Monterey Bay

Squaring off over selling directly from boats at Fisherman’s Wharf

Sacramento Valley Salmon Resiliency Strategy - June 2017, California Natural Resources Agency - Report

Fish wrap: Fort Baker strategy has potential to help salmon

Communities work together to end whale entanglement

Klamath River Emergency Dilution Flows Not Required in 2017

Here's why we should think about protecting California fish

California, Oregon governors request salmon disaster declaration - for more info on federal salmon disaster relief (scroll down for disaster info)

West Coast salmon fishery in state of disaster

Grim future seen for Klamath chinook

Where have all the salmon gone? State committee discusses impacts of low runs

Decimated by drought, salmon fishing teeters on the brink in California

Hearing to examine fishery collapse

A bleak salmon season for local fishermen

Following a wet winter, Napa River fish trap yields high salmon count

Fish and Wildlife Director Extends Commercial Rock Crab Fishery Closure in Northern California Due to Public Health Hazard

“State of Salmonids II” report released by CalTrout and UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences

Crab fishing organization says state commissions unfairly changed policy on crabbing season

The Klamath River Renewal Corporation Announces New Executive Director

Killer whales ambushing gray whales off California coast

Visiting scientist: Should we let rivers run free?

State lowers fish-kill estimates from Oroville hatchery

Hatchery mishap kills 300,000 baby salmon. What will this mean for California fishermen?

Plans being hatched to restore fisheries

With no relief funds in sight, crab fishermen discuss next steps

Pump Failure Kills Fall-Run Chinook Salmon at Feather River Fish Hatchery – Thermalito Facility

State decides against salmon release in Bodega Bay

These fish are in a bad way.’ How many more will die because of the Delta tunnels?

California Commercial Fishing Digest Now Available Online - DFW release

North Coast lawmakers urge Brown to declare statewide salmon disaster

Relief bills seek $140 million aid for California crab and salmon fishery disasters

Bills seek to provide $140M to fishing fleets

2016 Annual Report to Congress: Status of Stocks 2016 - NOAA Fisheries

Sharks Are Dying By the Hundreds in San Francisco Bay

No fishery disaster relief funds in Congress’ $1T spending bill

Fishing boat in Sausalito used to save California salmon population

Salmon recovery effort takes root in Redding

‘Living river’ rejuvenates Napa, brings needed flood control

FERC requests more information on Klamath dam request

Fish sold right from the boat: The old ways resurface

General Trout Season Opens April 29

Cosumnes River Provides Model for Floodplain Restoration in California

Close to Home: How local salmon are tied to Central Valley flood decisions

California tribes fear abysmal salmon run may trigger public health crisis

Low Salmon Projections Lead to Fisheries Restrictions, Some Closures in 2017

HSU, fishing industries to create plan to bolster the local waterfront economy

Young Unveils Young Fishermen’s Development Act - Bill Creates National Grant Program to Support Next Generation of Nation’s Fishermen

West Coast Salmon Season Dates Set for 2017

Fishery Managers Close 200 Miles Of West Coast To Salmon Fishing

Sardines off the menu again for West Coast fishers

Council Votes to Close Pacific Sardine Fishery for Third Year in a Row

‘A cultural tragedy’: Karuk Tribe cuts salmon harvest to 200 fish

California likely to shorten chinook salmon season

Public Meetings, Webinar Set for Artificial Reefs in California - CDFW release

Bleak salmon season awaits commercial fleet as Bodega Bay Fishermen’s Festival returns

The ‘last generation of salmon fishermen’?

State panel may make river fishing closure permanent

Where Levees Fail In California, Nature Can Step In To Nurture Rivers

Fallen trees in Sonoma County creeks add to salmon habitat

Unprecedented delay in California abalone season shuts down North Coast in April

CDFW Seeks Public Input to Study Abalone Management Preferences

Can’t crabbers catch a break?

Letter calls for approval of fishery disaster funds

Yurok Tribe cancels salmon season

2017 ocean salmon fishing closed

Legislators, fishermen discuss future of state fisheries

2016 West Coast Entanglement Summary

Yurok Tribe Warns of ‘Most Catastrophic Fisheries Collapse in Klamath River History’

Salmon release to San Joaquin River hits high marks

Anomalous ocean conditions in 2015 may bode poorly for juvenile Chinook salmon survival

2017 CDFW Aquaculture Report to the Legislature

CDFW Releases First Million of Evacuated Fish into Feather River

Dropping river level strands hundreds of fish

With Some Chinook in Trouble, California Faces ‘a Pathetic Scrap’ of a Salmon Season

Innovation in Swordfish Fishery Fetches a Higher Market Price

2017 ocean salmon fishing closed (in Northern CA) - PFMC projects lowest spawning returns on record for Klamath River

Another Yolo Bypass fish rescue underway. Will it be the last?

Pacific Fishery Management Council Chooses Options for 2017 Salmon Season - very grim for CA

End of drought not all good for Bay Area oyster farms

River flow debate has turned on how best to help fish

Low Numbers of Sacramento and Klamath River Salmon Point to Poor Season

Worst salmon season in eight years projected in California

Despite Rain, Salmon Season Still Left Reeling By California’s Drought

Endangered steelhead spotted in local creek

2017 NOAA Sea Grant National Aquaculture Initiative - competitive funding opportunity

Riverbanks collapse after Oroville Dam spillway shut off - salmon and steelhead stranded

2017 Salmon Forecasts Point to Reduced Fishing Opportunities

Returning Salmon Numbers Looking Meager For Oregon, Northern California

Harbor district OKs shellfish farm expansion

Of sky rivers and coho salmon

This Year's Floods May Be Good for California's Salmon

Federal judge orders agencies to create new flow plan to protect Klamath River fish

Court supports order to divert water to support salmon (Klamath/Trinity River)

Nutrient Approval a Victory for U.S. Fish Farmers and Seafood Lovers

CDFW to Host Public Meeting on Ocean Salmon Fisheries

‘We could not be idle while our fish were again under siege’

Downstream from the stricken Oroville Dam, the Feather River Fish Hatchery manages to save millions of fish

Endangered Fish Among the Evacuees of Oroville Dam Crisis

After frantic night, officials say Lake Oroville may not top emergency spillway - race to rescue salmon

Court orders extra (Klamath River) water to protect salmon

Reclamation to Release Water Below Iron Gate Dam to Address Fish Health Concerns in the Klamath River

Can the U.S. have its fish and eat it too?

California Sea Grant Call for Preliminary Proposals 2018 for Healthy Coastal Ecosystems, and Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture, and Resilient Coastal Communities and Economies

CDFW Now Accepting Fisheries Habitat Restoration Project Proposals and public workshops to assist applicants in understanding the requirements of the PSN

Threatened salmon a concern as PG&E plans to pull plug on Butte Creek hydro project

California’s Drought Continues to Harm Native Tribes and Fishermen

CDPH Warns Consumers Not to Eat Sport-Harvested Bivalve Shellfish from Mendocino County

Crab and Yurok salmon seasons among several named in emergency declaration

Huffman works with Yurok Tribe on funding for fisheries disaster

Judge set to order feds, tribes to work together on new Klamath River flow plan

Recreational Razor Clam Fishery Closure in Humboldt and Del Norte Counties Extended Due to Ongoing Public Health Concerns

Big Rains Bring Both Good and Bad News for Salmon

Endangered chinook salmon return to Marsh Creek after decades

The effects of water project operations on juvenile salmon survival in the Delta

Harbor District rejects Coast Seafoods oyster farming expansion

Commerce Secretary declares fisheries disasters for nine West Coast species (including CA Dungeness and rock crab)

Last year’s North Coast crab season officially a disaster

Ocean Acidification to Hit West Coast Dungeness Crab Fishery, New Assessment Shows

Washington State’s New Report Shows Salmon Still Declining “Salmon are ours to save,” says Governor

North Coast Abalone Season Dates, Regulations Change

NOAA Plans to Open Federal Waters in Pacific to Fish Farming

600,000 fish ready for rain in the Sacramento River

Record numbers of salmon are spawning in Putah Creek

Abalone restoration efforts in coastal waters could use the public’s help, say scientists

Studies and Reports

Rights-based management for recreational for-hire fisheries: Evidence from a policy trial

Influence of Landing Net Mesh Type on Handling Time and Tissue Damage of Angled Brook Trout

Science Advancements Key to Increasing Management Value of Life Stage Monitoring Networks for Endangered Sacramento River Winter-Run Chinook Salmon in California

Floods are necessary for maintaining healthy river ecosystems, research shows

Study: Marine mammals, not fishing, reducing endangered orcas' food supply

NOAA - Fisheries of the United States, 2016 (Report)

A Changing Undersea Forest - baseline highlights from North Coast kelp and rocky reef monitoring

Science Advancements Key to Increasing Management Value of Life Stage Monitoring Networks for Endangered Sacramento River Winter-Run Chinook Salmon in California 

High mortality of blue, humpback and fin whales from modeling of vessel collisions on the U.S. West Coast suggests population impacts and insufficient protection

Vessel Speed Reduction, Air Pollution, and Whale Strike Tradeoffs in the Santa Barbara Channel Region

Marine reserves a solution to bycatch problem in oceans

The evolutionary basis of premature migration in Pacific salmon highlights the utility of genomics for informing conservation

New research reveals ecosystem cascades affecting salmon

Can the United States have its fish and eat it too?

Bottom-trawling techniques leave different traces on the seabed

Steelhead trout population declines linked with poor survival of young fish in the ocean

Readying California Fisheries for Climate Change - for Full report and Executive Summary

The Impact of Different Hatchery Rearing Environments on Smolt-to-Adult Survival of Spring Chinook Salmon

Fisheries Economics of the United States, 2015 - NOAA Fisheries

Mini-Magnets: Study Says Fish Homing Skills Based On Iron Possibly Connected With Eyes

When does fishing forage species affect their predators?

UW Study Says Diversification (Catching A Variety Of Species) Key To Resilient Fishing Communities

Drought and Equity in California - Pacific Institute January 9, 2017

Addressing Mercury in California's Waters - SWRCB web site and studies on mercury

Study examines ocean acidification effects on rockfish, a key California marine prey base

Wastewater treatment upgrades result in major reduction of intersex fish

California Department of Fish and Wildlife Report to the International Pacific Halibut Commission on 2016 California Fisheries


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