Fun Fish Facts and Articles

What's going on with Hawaiian seals? Nobody nose

Mass stranding of bright red crabs in Monterey signals return of El Niño

Scientists Unveil Ancient Sea Monsters Found In Angola

A Scientist Found a Kelp on a Worm in a Hole in the Mud on the Bottom of the Sea

OK Google: Find the Humpback Whales

Rare Dumbo octopus filmed in deep sea off Monterey Bay

Bizarre 'Headless Chicken Monster' Drifts Through Antarctic Deep

Who Wants to Eat a Gooey Jellyfish? Pretty Much Everyone in the Ocean

Deepest Dive Ever Under Antarctica Reveals a Shockingly Vibrant World

Yours for £1.4 million: World's most expensive Koi Carp is bought for £1 million more than previous world record

Great White Sharks Gather in Droves in the Middle of Nowhere, But Why?

Meet the new species of deep-sea fish so gooey it melts when brought to the surface

Grieving mother orca falling behind family as she carries dead calf for a seventh day

Crazy fish attack video cracks up marine researchers

Salmon scales tell researchers a lot about the fish returning to Bristol Bay    

Great whites help scientists understand ocean’s ‘twilight zone’

Woman's 'Fish Pedicure' Tied to Odd Toenail Problem

Clues at Fish Auction Reveal Several New Species of Opah

McDonald’s Came Out With A Card Game Based On The Filet-O-Fish

How Often Should You Be Eating Fish? New guidelines reassert the heart-healthy benefits of seafood

Whale shark tracked travelling furthest distance ever recorded

This Contorted Mystery Squid May Be the 'Most Bizarre' Ever Seen

Virtual Reality Game Brings Feel Of Fantasy Football To Salmon Survival Studies    

Marine fish won an evolutionary lottery 66 million years ago, UCLA biologists report

Listening to Fish: How Sound May Help Us Identify and Study Life Underwater

First images of creatures from Antarctic depths revealed

What a Walking Fish Can Teach Us About Human Evolution

Growing Population of Crayfish Has One Female Ancestor

What's that fish? A new field guide helps scientists identify fish captured in scientific surveys

A champion shucker’s guide to the world’s best oysters (and where to find them)

Krill "deposits" transport atmospheric carbon to the ocean depths

Why Don’t Fish Swim Upside Down?

New model predicts locations of biological hotspots in the ocean

The Spawning Dead: Why Zombie Fish are the Anti-Apocalypse

Mysterious Brain-Eating  Shark Killer Identified, Though Questions Remain

Mysterious sea creature washes up on Alaskan beach leaving scientists baffled

Anchovies Are Eating Plastic Because It Smells Like Prey    

Bizarre, Glowing Sea Creatures Bloom in the Pacific 

Newly Discovered Deep-Sea Sponge Could Be the Canary in the Seabed Mine

Scientists find exotic life in ocean depths off Sonoma Coast

Swimming inside a 'fish tornado'

10 greatest sightings, so far, from NOAA’s exploration of the deepwater Pacific 

The ocean is a strange place after dark

15 Health Benefits of Eating Fish, According to Science

Millions of Glowing Sea Creatures Invade U.S. Pacific Coast

Overturned truck of ‘slime eels’ transforms Oregon road into highway of nightmares

Mammoth catfish caught on Clear Lake could break world record

Jellied sea creatures confound scientists, fishers on US Pacific Coast

These Fish Are All About Sex on the Beach

Where to see spitting fish and deadly frogs in Long Beach

'I never thought I’d see another': 2 white Dungeness crab on display at Oregon aquarium

Red rock crabs: the Dungeness' grouchy cousins

Dive into NOAA Fisheries Whale Week

World's rarest whale seen for the first time

This Deep-Sea Fisherman Has Caught A Treasure Trove Of Underwater Oddities

Watch a Bobcat Catch a Monster Fish

Mysterious ghost shark captured on camera for the first time

These Fish Evolved to Live in Extremely Toxic Water

Two-headed sharks are not only real, they’re becoming more and more common

Yes, fish can get sunburn

The Secret Life of Krill

Stunning discovery: Singing fish in San Francisco

One fish, two fish, what the hell is this blue fish?

'Googly-Eyed' Stubby Squid Captures Internet's Attention

400-year-old shark is the longest-living vertebrate ever

Flounders’ Eyes Face Skyward. How Do They See the Ocean Floor?

UW professor is digitizing every fish species in the world

NOAA Scientists Sight "Ghostly" Fish for First Time

New Camera Tag to Help Solve Great White Mystery

See the Mind-Blowing Super-Freaky Rainbow Fish from the Twilight Zone

Fish can recognize human faces (and we know because they keep spitting at us)

Scientists off Southern California explore why some fish glow

Massive Crab Swarm at Ocean Floor Filmed

Parasite turns Alaska king crab into zombies

Gorgeous Aerial Shots of Some of the World's Largest Salmon Runs

Fish oil turns fat-storage cells into fat-burning cells in mice, study finds

How Fish Communicate, Even Making Noise

How Fish Make Themselves Invisible: Mystery Solved

Evolutionary Adaptation Allows Salmon to Easily Shift Vision from Blue-Green Ocean to Murky Rivers

500 chinook salmon in one hour up Mad River, Humboldt - video

Pacific Fisheries Management Council - acronyms and definitions

Pacific Fisheries Management Council - fact sheets

NMFS Salmon and Steelhead Species boundary maps

Fish Facts – California’s State Fish, Marine Fish and Marine Mammal

Are fish the greatest athletes on the planet?

Unlocking the genetic secrets of whales with a 200-year life span

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