August 13, 2020 Hearing

**Please note that the August 12 hearing at 1:30pm has been POSTPONED to the date and time below**

Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing
Thursday, August 13, 2020
Upon adjournment of Session in the Senate Chamber

1.            AB 660                   Levine     Personal information: contact tracing.

2.            AB 1281                Chau       Privacy: California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018.

3.            AB 1667                Santiago     Electronic wills. 

4.            AB 1782                Chau        Personal information: contact tracing.

5.            AB 2015                Eggman      Certification for intensive treatment: review hearing. -THIS BILL HAS BEEN PULLED BY THE AUTHOR.

6.            AB 2143                Mark Stone        Settlement agreements: employment disputes.

7.            AB 2463                Wicks      Enforcement of money judgments: execution: homestead.

8.            AB 2782                Mark Stone        Mobilehome parks: change of use.

9.            AB 3092                Wicks        Sexual assault and other sexual misconduct: statutes of limitations on civil actions.

10.          AB 3228                Bonta        Private detention facilities.

11.          AB 3362                Judiciary               State Bar: open meetings: discipline: attorneys: foreign legal consultants: annual license fees.

12.          AB 3364                Judiciary               Judiciary omnibus.

13.          ACR 173                Gallagher             California Law Revision Commission: studies.

Committee Address