2009 Water Bills

Attached are PDF electronic files of the water special session bills that will be up on the Senate Floor tomorrow. They are being sent in the interests of keeping all parties up to speed on any changes. Since the Senate has not convened this weekend, these are PROPOSED amendments to bills but have not officially been adopted by the Senate until such time as a quorum is established and gavel goes down on Senate Session. There will be hard copies of these bills in pre-print form for any party to pick up and review in Room 211 of the State Capitol from 12-3pm today.

Bills Proposed for November 2, 2009

SBX7 4

SBX7 5

SBX7 6

SBX7 7

SBX7 8

SBX7 1

Language (PDF)


SBX7 2

SBX7 3

2009 Delta/Water Legislation

2009 Water Conference Committee

Fact Sheets

Water Conference Reports language

Draft Conference Reports (9/1/09 version)

2009 Water Bills Conference Committee

Summary of Delta-Water Bill Package  (PDF)
Background Issues  (PDF)
Summary and Comments - Preprint AB 1 (AB 39 content - Huffman)  (PDF)
Summary and Comments - Preprint AB 2 (AB 49 content - Feuer)  (PDF)
Summary and Comments - Preprint SB 1 (SB 12 content - Simitian)  (PDF)
Summary and Comments - Preprint SB 2 (SB 229 content - Pavley)  (PDF)
Summary and Comments - Preprint SB 4 (SB 458 content - Wolk)  (PDF)

2009 Proposed Delta/Water Legislation

Other Conference Committee Documents

Joint Hearing on August 25, 2009 at State Capitol Room 4202 at 1:30 pm

Oversight Hearing: Funding and Implementation of 2009 Delta Legislation

Transcript of Fire Hearing 3-7-08 (RTF)

Transcript of Oil Hearing 11-30-07 (MS Word)

Transcript of Water Hearing 10-08-07 (MS Word)

Committee Address