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Archives: 2013-14 Legislative Session

Committee Address:

State Capitol, Room 4090, Sacramento, CA 95814


Policy: Theo Cline, consultant, theodate.cline@sen.ca.gov  or 916 651-4028.
Press: Ray Sotero, communications consultant, ray.sotero@sen.ca.gov or 916 651-4028

Welcome to the Senate Select Committee on Air Quality


Hearing Newsletter 9/13/13

WATCH the Senate Select Committee on Air Quality Hearing - Sept. 18, 2013

Pollution Risks of Aviation Fuel: Looking Forward to an Unleaded Alternative 
Westchester Municipal Building - Community Room
7166 West Manchester Avenue, Westchester, CA

Agenda 09-18-2013
Background Information
Lead Sources and Emissions in the South Coast Air Basin Presentation
Lead and Adverse Health Effects
09-18-2013 FAA Response Letter [pdf]
Sen. Ted Lieu to Hold Hearing on Aviation Pollution News Article
Westchester Air Quality Hearing



Senator Ted W. Lieu (Chair)
Senator Fran Pavley