Available Subject Guides

With over 5,000 local agencies, the structure and processes of California’s public sector can confuse even informed citizens. The Committee’s subject guides cut confusion and make government more accessible. These short reports answer the most common questions about local agencies, and government powers.

Here are some recently updated subject guides:

Assessing The Benefits Of Benefit Assessments. (Third Edition) How do special assessments work in California? This report explains the differences between assessments and taxes, answering the most common questions about benefit assessments. Published in September 2011. Report 801-S.

Tailor-Made Government: A Citizen’s Guide to California’s Charter Cities and Counties. This 23-page publication sorts out the differences between charter cities and general law cities, and explains why charter cities are different from charter counties. Published in February 1998. Report 943-S.

What’s So Special About Special Districts? (Third Edition) Because most Californians don’t understand special districts, this 18-page report sorts out the facts about the 3,400 local agencies that affect our daily lives. Published in February 2002. Report 583-S.

For a longer list, please see List of Additional Subject Guides.

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