Frequently Asked Questions


How can I testify at a hearing?

Anyone wanting to comment on the support or opposition of a bill on our agenda is welcome.  There is a time during the presentation of each bill when anyone supporting or opposing the bill is asked to come forward.  After that, we ask that anyone else wishing to be placed on the record state only their name, their organization, and their position on the bill.

When is the deadline for submitting support or opposition letters?

At noon on the Wednesday  prior to the Tuesday the bill is set for hearing.  Please feel free to email, mail, or fax us your letters on your organization's letterhead.  (Fax is 916-445-2209)

It is not the policy of the committee to make sure your letters get to all the members of the committee.  You are encouraged to send your letter to each member individually.  Please see the “Committee Roster” link on our home page for full contact details for each member of the committee.

We cannot reflect the support or opposition for any bill in the analysis without a hard copy of the letter, on letterhead.  Again, letters that are received via email, fax, or mail are all acceptable.

In what order will the bills be heard on hearing day?

We hear bills in file order.  As is customary, any members of the committee that have bills on the agenda go at the end of other authors' presentations.

When does the committee have to have amendments on a bill being heard at the next bill hearing?

The amendments must be in leg counsel form and submitted to the committee no later than the Tuesday prior to the Tuesday the bill is set for hearing.  We need the original signed by the author, plus 10 copies for a total of 11.

How can I get a video copy of a committee hearing?

All committee hearings are televised.  If you would like to request a video copy of a hearing, please contact Senate TV directly at 916-651-1531.  There is a small fee.  Effective January 2014, you can view a video recording of the hearing at when it is televised.

How can I make an appointment to meet with one of the committee consultants?

Please call the committee’s direct line (916-651-4121) and ask to speak with the specific consultant.  Each consultant schedules their own meetings. You are also welcome to drop by at your convenience; however, availability cannot be guaranteed.

When are the analyses available to the public?

Most often our analyses are available by Thursday afternoon prior to the Tuesday hearing.  The analyses are available electronically on  Hard copies are available outside our committee office in the Capitol, Room 2209.

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