Hearing Reports

Mobilehome Park Wildfire Safety & Emergency Preparedness: Part 2 (Feb. 2009)
Mobilehome Park Wildfire Safety & Emergency Preparedness: Part 1 (Dec. 2008)
HCD Mobilehome Park Health and Safety Code Enforcement (Feb. 2008)
Conversion of Mobilehome Parks to Subdivisions or Condominiums (Feb. 2007)
Mobilehome Park Maintenance Inspection Program - Extend or Die (Jan. 2006)
Mobilehome Park Management Problems (Oct. 2004)
Code Enforcement Problems in Mobilehome Parks (Mar. 2002)
Mobilehome Park Utility and Billing Problems (Apr. 2001)
Mobilehome Park Fire Hydrant Safety (Feb. 2000)
Department of Housing and Community Development's MHP Registration and Titling Backlog (Sep. 1999)
Mobilehome Park Rental Agreements and Lease Problems (Jul. and Sept. 1999)
Double-Renting: Park Buyout and Rental of Homes (Apr. 1999)
Mobilehome Park Inspection Program, Part 3 (Jan. 1999)
Manufactured Home and Mobilehome Resale Disclosure Task Force (Jan. 1998)
Mobilehome Park Inspection Program, Part 2 (Nov. 1997)
Mobilehome Park Inspection Program, Part 1 (Feb. 1997)
Mobile and Manufactured Home Sales: Disclosure to Buyers (Apr. 1996)
Resident-Owned Mobilehome Parks (Mar. 1995)
Mobilehome Park Maintenance Inspection (Dec. 1994)
Earthquake Safety in Mobilehome Parks (Mar. 1994)
Property Tax Reassessment Exclusion of Resident-Owned Mobilehome Parks (Dec. 1992)
Rights of Trailer Coach Owners in Mobilehome Parks (Mar. 1992)
Mobilehome Park Funding for Conversion of Rental Mobilehome Parks to Resident-Ownership (Oct. 1991)
Mobilehome Park Rents, Fees and Charges (Oct. 1990)
Mobilehome Earthquake Safety (Mar. 1990)
Mobilehome Park Long-Term Leases (Nov. 1989)
Gas Pipeline Safety in Mobilehome Parks (Aug. 1989)
Effect of 1988 Federal Fair Housing Amendments Act on Mobilehome Parks (Feb. 1989)
Relocation Assistance for Displaced Mobilehome Park Residents (Oct. 1988)
Governmental Approval of Resident Mobilehome Park Buy-Outs (Feb. 1988)
In-Park Mobilehome Resales, Part 2 (Oct. 1987)
In-Park Mobilehome Resales, Part 1 (Jul. 1987)
Mobilehome Residency Law Enforcement Problems (Mar. 1987)
Funding the Mobilehome Park Assistance Program & Certification of Mobilehome Earthquake Bracing Systems (Dec. 1986)
Long-Term Mobilehome Park Leases (May 1986)
Mobilehome In-Park Inspections, Part 2; Security Deposits (Dec. 1985)
Mobilehome In-Park Inspections, Part 1 (Oct. 1985)
Conversion of Rental Mobilehome Parks to Resident-Owned Status (Feb. 1985)
Mobilehome Park Land-Use Conversion Problems (Oct. 1984)
Mobilehome Park Lot Lines (Jun. 1984)
Title 25 Revisions: Mobilehome and RV Parks (Feb. 1984)
Vehicle License Fee Delinquencies (Jan. 1984)
Mobilehome Park Rules and Regulations (Nov. 1983)
Adult-Only Mobilehome Parks, Part 2 (Aug. 1983)

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