Welcome to the Senate Archives

Welcome to the California State Senate Archives page. Information about current and former State Senators and Committees of the Senate is provided here beginning with the 2013-14 Legislative Session.

The Member Archives page lists all Senate Members that held office during prior legislative sessions, and includes the link to that members web page. If a Senator is still a current member of the legislature, you will be directed to their website.

The Committee Archives page lists the names of the Standing, Select, Sub, and Joint Committees of the Senate for prior legislative sessions and includes the link to that committee’s web page.

The Media Archive page is a video archive of Senate Floor Sessions and Senate Committee Hearings that have been televised as of September 27th, 2005.

The Senate also produces a chart of all California State Senators and Officers who have served from 1849 to the current session. The chart includes names in alphabetical order, party affiliation, county representation, and legislative sessions served for each member.

Additionally, the same charts are available for the California Assembly Members and Officers, U.S. House of Representatives from California and United States Senators from California.

Please note that all information on persons who have served in the California Legislature is still in a compilation and editing stage.