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Archives: 2013-14 Legislative Session

Legislative Calendar

Joint Legislative Audit Committee

The Joint Legislative Audit Committee is statutorily charged with ascertaining facts, and making reports and recommendations to the Legislature concerning the State, its agencies, departments and political subdivisions of the State. Independently and through the State Auditor, the JLAC investigates, studies, analyzes and assesses the financial practices and the performance of existing governmental and/or publicly created entities in California - in order to assist those entities in fulfilling the purpose for which they were created by the Legislature. In carrying out these duties, the JLAC reviews requests for audits from any of the 120 members of the Legislature, approves those requests that are a good use of the resources of the State Auditor and will provide important and relevant information to the Legislature and the people of California, and establishes priorities among the requests received and approved for audit.

For additional information on Hearings and Audits in progress, visit the Assembly Joint Legislative Audit web site.

Senate Members:

Senator Ricardo Lara (Vice Chair)
Senator Jim Beall
Senator Anthony Cannella
Senator Mark DeSaulnier
Senator Jean Fuller
Senator Cathleen Galgiani
Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson

Assembly Members:

Assembly Member Adam C. Gray (Chair)
Assembly Member Katcho Achadjian
Assembly Member Tim Donnelly
Assembly Member Bonnie Lowenthal
Assembly Member Allan R. Mansoor
Assembly Member Adrin Nazarian
Assembly Member Anthony Rendon

Addresses & Staff:

Chief Consultant: Debbie Meador
Committee Secretary: Emily Towner
Phone: (916) 319-3300
Fax:     (916) 319-2352
Room: 1020 N Street Room 107